Area 2071 Launchpad Program Cohort 1

Area 2071 Launchpad program is an accelerator program for scaleups designed by Asiarath in partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation. Through this program we aim to empower ambitious scaleups, enabling them to flourish and broaden their presence within the dynamic ecosystem of the UAE. The program provides a multitude of opportunities and resources tailored to foster the growth and success of innovative scaleups globally.

Program Overview

The program provides a comprehensive suite of benefits to participants, which include:

  • Soft landing to the UAE, where businesses are given the opportunity for smooth market entry leveraging local infrastructure and networking possibilities. 
  • Gaining valuable business understanding and receiving insights into their operations to enable strategic decision-making and sustainable growth.
  • Engagement with key stakeholders, fostering partnerships and facilitating market expansion.

Area 2071 Launchpad Program Cohort-1

The first cohort of the Area 2071 Launchpad program will run from February 22 to March 29, 2024. We have selected 8 scaleups from 8 regions, with 11 founders and 7 coaches. The cohort represents a diverse range of startups focusing on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Health Tech, HR Tech, Cybersecurity, Digital Real Estate Solutions, and Fintech.

Meet the Participants

Ainnova Tech, headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Houston, Texas, is a health tech startup founded by an experienced and innovative team. The company focuses on creating solutions for the early detection of diseases using artificial intelligence. With multiple global awards, partnerships with hospitals, and a globally recognized medical device company, Ainnova Tech is launching VisionAi, a platform designed to prevent blindness and detect early-onset diabetes.

Cvideo, headquartered in Norway offers recruitment tools for applicants. It helps employers to gain valuable insight into the personality of candidates with Video CV. Cvideo streamlines the recruitment process, providing companies with efficient tools to identify and assess potential candidates.

Detasecure is a B2B cybersecurity company dedicated to helping organizations secure their infrastructure and protect their data. Detasecure provides automated vulnerability and data breach discovery, security risk scoring, and fraud monitoring platform for both web2 and web3 companies. This platform helps companies establish a robust security foundation by integrating cutting-edge solutions and facilitating seamless security adaptation.

Immotify is a pioneering platform, transforming the housing markets in Algeria and Africa. Immotify bridges the gap between real estate developers, buyers, and financial institutions. Leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and VR, Immotify improves property exploration, transparency, and efficiency.It democratizes access to equitable housing and transforms the landscape of housing accessibility through innovative solutions.

Loyalitics AI is an innovative tech company specializing in AI and data-driven solutions. The company offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that uses intelligent algorithms to automate and optimize investment decisions. Loyalitics AI’s technology leverages the power of data to deliver tailored strategies, aiming to transform the way individuals and institutions invest.

Founded in 2017, Synergotron emerged as the culmination of a decade-long journey of research and development. The founders, along with a dedicated team of researchers and engineers, pooled their expertise to shape the vision that is now Synergotron. The company is committed to innovation and excellence, showcased through its proprietary hybrid plasma technology, a groundbreaking achievement that redefines the landscape of healthcare solutions. is an innovative tech company specializing in AI and data-driven solutions. The company offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that leverages intelligent algorithms to automate and optimize investment decisions.’s technology utilizes the power of data to deliver tailored strategies, aiming to transform the way individuals and institutions approach investment.

Zepth brings together end-to-end project management tools for project financials, documents, collaboration, tasks, contracts, quality & safety, dynamic reporting, and more, offering a unified solution for comprehensive project oversight. With advanced technology at its core, Zepth provides analytics and automated reporting, transforming data into actionable insights. Designed for teamwork, Zepth enhances collaboration and simplifies processes, connecting owners, contractors, project managers, and consultants.