Asiarath Fund

Fund & funnel for your vision. 

Got a start-up that you believe is made to disrupt? We’re awaiting to sponsor your vision with ASIARATH.VC.
We’re constantly, eagerly and passionately scouting for ventures that come with an innovative twist and have to potential to launch big.
Tap into our fund and funnel of infinite possibilities, network, business frameworks and assured success. 

What we offer to start-ups 

  • Set up support in the UAE, tailored to their business model
  • Restructuring businesses to comply with global standards
  • Market connects in over 16+ countries of Asia and GCC
  • Enterprise connects to potential clients
  • Access to government and government programs
  • Business model assessment and pitching support
  • Communication and branding support
  • Local stakeholder introductions and engagement
  • Investor connects and exclusive access to pitching events and conferences
  • Cloud credits & setup support
  • Support for pilot programs in the UAE
  • Discounted deals and offers for various startup support services and products


Ready to accelerate? Reach out to us now 

Ready to accelerate? Reach out to us now