Bridge to Breakthrough – UAE


The Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by the UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to announce a partnership with Asiarath. Asiarath, through its global network, has been engaged with varied startups and founders through its management team and their collective experience in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems across Asia. Asiarath provides access to growth-stage startups and founders from Asia and the Middle East region seeking support with business establishment, market access, and venture building.

1 About The Program

Asiarath, in association with the Ministry of Economy, UAE, seeks to offer a platform to technology-driven companies and innovators to achieve the following goals: 

  • Attract to the UAE: Attract technology startup companies to the UAE and assist them in setting up their businesses 
  • Scale from the UAE: Preparing UAE-based technology startup companies to scale their business, become investor ready and raise funding (locally and regionally)
  • Ministry of Economy as a platform: Enable the Ministry to become a focal point for entrepreneurial activities in the UAE for local and incoming, promising  technology startups

2 Focus Industries

EducationFood & Agro Tech
IoT & HardwareCleantech
Electric MobilityEcommerce/Retail
Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technologies)Web3 / Metaverse

*And any other specific industries of focus

3 Participants in the program will receive the following benefits:

The program will support incoming companies to set up and anchor themselves in the UAE, and local companies scale up their business outside the UAE. Specifically the benefits will focus on the following: 


  • Setting up support in the UAE, tailored to their business model.
  • Restructuring businesses to comply with global standards.
  • Market connects in over 16 countries of Asia and GCC. 
  • Enterprise connects to potential clients.
  • Access to government and government programs. 
  • Business model assessment and pitching support.
  • Communication and branding support.
  • Local stakeholder introductions and engagement. 
  • Investor connects and exclusive access to pitching events and conferences. 
  • Cloud credits & setup support.
  • Support for pilot programs in the UAE.
  • Discounted deals and offers for various startup support services and products.

4 Program duration

12 weeks (3 Months)

5 Eligibility criteria (to be confirmed/tweaked with MoE):

  • Technology companies with proprietary technology solution
  • Patent pending (Optional)
  • Proven with market validation and revenue
  • Ready to scale to global markets
  • Open to establishing global headquarters in UAE
  • Raised a Seed Round of at least USD 500,000 / Promoter Investment of USD 200,000

6 Program details:



Description of outcomes 

Call for Application Phase
(Application Window) 


Inviting and scouting tech companies and innovators around the globe who want to set up their base in the UAE and accelerate their growth journey.

Evaluation Phase (Evaluation of Applications received)


Stage wise evaluation process;

Stage I – Internal evaluation for the company’s relevance for the program and internal due diligence

Stage II – Evaluation of the Ideas on the basis of Technology and Business fitment by external evaluators

Stage III – Virtual Pitch round for the selected Ideas to understand their needs in-depth and expectations from the program

Announcement of Selected Program Participants


Announcing the selected program participants, who will be part of the Accelerator program for the span of 3 months

Commencement of the Program


A virtual induction session with the selected companies and all the stakeholders involved with the program

Module I
(Support structure and UAE Business Overview)


Week 1 – Cohort expectation mapping and support structure
Week 2 – Broader view of business landscape in the UAE (Focus sectors and Use cases)
Week 3 – Business Trends and Opportunities in the UAE
Week 4 – The first step to setup a company in the UAE

Module II
(Business Proposition)


Week 5 – Business Metrics and Growth Strategies

Week 6 – Business Model and understanding your customers better

Week 7 – Compliance and Legal framework (UAE)

Week 8 – Due Diligence

Module III
(Investment Readiness)


Week 9 – Pitch Readiness (Pitch deck + practice pitches)

Week 10 – Financial Modeling
Week 11 – Branding, PR, Marketing

Week 12 – Physical/Virtual Demo Day

Application Deadline:  


Apply Now: (link to application form on The Entrepreneurial Nation platform will be inserted)

Program Milestones:




Application deadline


Announcement of program participants 


Start of the program 


Program completion with demo day

  • Date :
  • Venue : UAE