Jayren Teo

Jayren and his team are working on developing an ecosystem for the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and impact change-makers to thrive. Why? His personal mission is to help others find the value they can bring to the world and aim to Impact One Billion lives in this lifetime. Previously, Jayren sold his business and ventured into startups. Since 2015, He has been Venture Building, Impact Investing and engaging GenZ Thought Leaders. Avid Investor in impact, startups, and innovative technologies that improve the quality of life.

Jayden possess a Vast experience in scaling impact via his previous consultancy and contract roles at VIVITA, Young Founders School, Action Community for Entrepreneurship, Singapore Polytechnic International and m my ore. Grounded in the community, improving lives and doing good via his voluntary work at ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), National Youth Council Young Change-makers (NYC YCM), EDGE (ACE Youth Wing), Junior Chamber International (JCI), Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), nEbO (NTUC), *SCAPE, SPGG Graduates’ Guild, SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club and Edgefield Secondary School SAC.

“Give Value and You’ll be Valued” – Jayren Teo